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I don't want my zoom app to be public for everyone but only with in my webapp


I have a use case where we can integrate different meeting platforms like zoom, webex and teams. I want my users in my web app to integrate their zoom account and create a meeting from the web app.

I don't want my app to be published on the marketplace. If I select intent to be publish to NO then I can't login with a normal user. That requires developer account to login.

I want my users to click on a custom button in my web app and authorize and that app should not to be published on market place for everyone. How can I achieve that? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @reachworx 

It should be possible for you to create a Private app,  which only your account members can access. It could be because of the type of app you created (JWT or OAUTH), but I am not sure. I would suggest reaching out on the dedicated DevForum, which can provide much more direct help for developers in such situations.