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I am the owner of two accounts


I am the owner of two Zoom Accounts.  One is my personal account and one is in my role as a copresident of a professional organization.  


My personal account has always been a pro account. 

The organizational account is also a pro account.

When I was made an owner of the organizational account, my personal plan became basic.

I have not been able to upgrade it, because it keeps saying I have a pro account, but it is really basic.


How can I fix this so I am paying for two accounts, both pro,.  The email for each account is different.




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @delloruth ! Because this case is unique to your Zoom account, I have assisted in converting your inquiry into a support ticket. Please watch out for a follow-up email with information on your case.


Zoom Community Team
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@CarlaA I too have a similar situation. I have two separate Pro accounts (Account A and Account B). Originally, Account B was part of a different organization.  When I added Account B as a user to Account A, it reduced Account B to a Basic account. I need to actually have the organization retain two Pro accounts (both A and B). Unsure what my next steps are. Concerned if I cancel or alter the account, I will lose my scheduled meetings. But also concerned all my meetings are restricted to only 40 minutes long.