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How to Start Zoom meeting?


To start a Zoom meeting, follow these steps:

1. **Sign in**: Open the Zoom app or go to the Zoom website. Sign in to your Zoom account.

2. **Schedule a Meeting** (if not already scheduled):
- Click "Schedule a Meeting" or "Host a Meeting" depending on your Zoom version.
- Fill in meeting details like date, time, and options.
- Click "Save" or "Schedule."

3. **Start an Instant Meeting**:
- Click "New Meeting" on the Zoom app's home screen.
- A meeting window opens. Click "Start Meeting."

4. **Start a Scheduled Meeting**:
- Go to your Zoom "Meetings" or "Upcoming Meetings" tab.
- Click "Start" next to the scheduled meeting.

5. **Invite Participants**:
- In the meeting window, click "Participants."
- Click "Invite" to share the meeting link or send invites via email or other messaging apps.

6. **Manage the Meeting**:
- Use controls at the bottom to manage your meeting, like muting/unmuting, sharing screens, and more.

7. **End the Meeting**:
- Click "End Meeting" to conclude the session.

That's it! You've successfully started a Zoom meeting.