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Enquiry about Zoom notification of app upgrade: LTI Pro


Hi Support,


Refer to the email below,


  1. After I sign in to Marketplace, I only see the ‘Update’ button instead of ‘Reinstall’. May I ask is it the same?
  2. If they are same, any impact if I click the ‘Update’ button? For example, any change of the screen of ‘Zoom Meeting’ in Canvas?


Please advise. Thanks






The developer of LTI Pro on the Zoom App Marketplace has updated the app with bug fixes or new features.

To enable these new features and bug fixes, we recommend visiting the Zoom Marketplace here to re-authorize the app by clicking the "Reinstall" button.

Below is the change log provided by the application developer:

Zoom has recently developed the following new features for LTI Pro:

  • Add LTI Pro user to a Group based on LTI attribute name and value

To use these new features requires reauthorizing additional scopes.

Clicking the "Reinstall" button wont actually reinstall LTI Pro, but will prompt you to reauthorize the new scopes.

Customers that do not want to use these new features, do not need to "Reinstall" LTI Pro and LTI Pro will continue to work as is.

For questions about the new app version, please go to the support link provided by LTI Pro’s developer.

- Zoom Marketplace Team