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Authorizing Alexa for Zoom returns a 500 error




I'm trying to link our company Zoom account to Amazon Alexa for Business.

When enabling the Zoom skill in the Alexa for Bussines setup portal I need to link our Zoom account.

Clicking the "link account"-button takes me to the marketplace page where I need to authorize the app.

However, when I click the authorize button, I get a 500 error.


When I search for "AlexaZoomRoomBETA" in the marketplace I get 0 results.


Any idea what is going on?


Our Alexa integration stopped working a few days ago without aparent reason, hence I am re-installing it to troubleshoot




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



The Alexa app was developed by Amazon, and based on the screenshot, it appears they are rolling out something new since it indicates that you are trying to load Beta code.  Have you reached out to Amazon to see if they have changed anything on their end recently?