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Apps not showing in any participants control bar


I have a zoom meeting already scheduled and in progress. I see apps on my control bar as the host but none of the participants see it on their control bar. They all have zoom downloaded and have updated to the latest version.. any ideas? 


Note Taker

Installing additional apps to work with your Zoom app does not make them available to others who join your meeting. There are also certain features "hosts" can see that participants can't ie. the ability to start and control breakout rooms.

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Thanks Chris- To clarify- the apps button is not showing on the control bar and it should be. They have the desktop client downloaded and it's updated. Anyone should be able to see the apps button whether or not they have added any from the marketplace or not. I've done further research and it appears to be connected to the fact that my meeting required zoom registration but I can't figure out why yet. Any insight there? Thanks! When I created a test meeting this morning -1 requiring authentication and 1 requiring registration, the registration piece seems to be the issue. 


I have a similar question or issue. I have updated Linux Debian and have the Zoom Pro version. I do not see the apps button in my taskbar. Looking for a solution. 


I recently istalled the zoom app but it was not working on my phone as well as its website working but may be any apk sile help us is it possible?


I recently installed the Zoom app, but it wasn't functioning on my phone apartments for rent in baabda, and even the website was not working. Could using an APK file possibly resolve this issue?