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Account level Zoom marketplace app management best practices?




I am a Zoom admin for my org and i'm looking for some guidance/best practices around managing account level apps. We've seen more app requests from users that only allows a Zoom admin to install the app and a lot of them needs the installer to have access to the 3rd party app host to finish the configuration.


We don't want to give users zoom admin rights or custom admin roles to be able to install those apps, it's not secure and the solution is not scalable as the request volume increases but at the same time, we as admins don't want to be the ones to install them because we don't have access to the 3rd party system to configure and establish the connection.


What's the recommended way of managing these apps?






Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Your question really has 2 parts: Do you have to be an admin to install the applications, and What are the best practices.


For the first question, you do not actually have to be an admin to install the application, but an admin has to initially pre-approve the application for others to install.  When they do that,  they will be asked if they want to allow all users to install the application, or only a select group of users to install it.



For the second question, if the application has a requirement for elevated permissions (the ability to view or modify other user's information), the user will not be able to install the application if they are not in a role that has those permissions.  The best practice here is to confirm that you are limiting users with the elevated permissions to only those that have a business need for those permissions.  Therefore, if an application has a requirement to be able to update people's meetings but the user has not business need to update other people's meetings, perhaps you should evaluate what the application is doing and if they really should be using it.


To determine what permissions are required by an application, you can either look at the App Permissions on the install page, which requires some interpretation, or have a user try to install it which will generate an explicit list of permissions the user is missing and are required to install the application.


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