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Zoom meeting invites coming into email do not add to Apple Calendar when accepted.


Zoom meeting requests come in on my MacBook (current OS Sonoma 14.3.1) via my MS Exchange email address.  Only options are Maybe, Decline or Accept as there is no .ics file attachment.  When I choose Accept, the meeting invite goes to Trash and nothing gets added to Calendar. If I open Calendar, there is no meeting request in the NEW or REPLIED boxes. Because of this I am having to add all Zoom requests by hand to Calendar. Unable to find a solution via research or Apple Support. Any thoughts on how to solve would be greatly appreciated. 



Zoom primarily integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar and Yahoo. Unfortunately the iCal integration has been fazed out. You have a few options if you don't want to add the invites by hand. You can either use APIs to integrate your iCal or if you are not a developer, there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that integrates with both Zoom and iCal and can handle your Zoom scheduling needs.