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Welcome to the Higher Education Community Forum!

The Higher Education community forum is a place for Zoom users to collaborate, seek support, and exchange knowledge in their success of using Zoom within the higher education industry.

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Important Guest Reporting Changes starting March 2022

Starting March 1, 2022, you may notice some changes in the way you can report on your meetings and webinars. Zoom will remove email addresses for users flagged as guests from Account Reports, Dashboards, and Zoom REST APIs unless they meet certain co...

msoup by Community Champion | Zoom Employee
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Better Video Sharing

I'm looking to share Video better. Screens sharing, no matter what quality settings applied is not good enough. I recently watched a video from Class.com where they shared a youtube video that streamed to the remote device, the host has control over ...

Video Recording on Cloud

Hi all --I'm assisting in a class this semester, and the primary instructor is away on leave for the next five weeks. She set up our class meetings to automatically record/save to the cloud, but they actually save to her cloud, and I'm unable to acce...

Resolved! Eğitim için zoom

Eğitim birimleri için ya da öğrenciler için ayrı bir fiyatlandırma var mı


When I signed out of the personal zoom account and want to log into the school account for the first time, I keeps redirecting to the page shown above. I don't know what's wrong.


Power point slides not displaying properly

Hi there. I have been using power point to teach online with zoom for quite sometime now and I have started to run into the following issue: My students are saying that the bottom end of the slides, when I am using the full screen presentation mode, ...

Zoom dengan Akun Belajar.id

Salam.Apakah jika saya menggunakan zoom dengan akun gmail belajar.id dari pemerintah indonesia yang dikhususkan untuk pendidikan bisa menggunakan zoom lebih dari 40 menit?Mengapa program zoom untuk pendidikan yang terkena dampak covid-19 sekarang sud...