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40-minute limit removal - April 2022 update

To address global efforts in support of primary and secondary (K-12) education during the pandemic, Zoom temporarily lifted the 40-minute time limit. This program is now definitively concluding on June 30, 2022, as most students have returned to in-p...

Johann by Observer
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Resolved! URGENT: I'm a student who needs her account unbanned

I have a personal zoom account and one linked to my university. The university one has some of premium features I think but I'm not entirely sure since I cannot access it anymore. I had a group presentation that required recording. I was using zoom t...

Switching screens in touch screen mode on laptop

So when I am viewing a class on zoom and a teacher switches from camera mode to screen share mode and vice versa, if my laptop is flipped into touch screen mode it will bring me to the start menu. Every time I have to manually switch it back which ca...

Tiamo11 by Observer
  • 1 replies

2 Questions

Hello! Are there any accommodations on Zoom for hearing or visually impaired?? Also, how do I decrease my video storage??

40 Minute Time Limit - Education Account

Hi! For the past year, I was using my school account with Zoom to no issues. 2 weeks ago, I saw the 40 minute time limit flash. This week and last week, it was removed. Does anyone know why it would be on/off? Just don't want any unexpected surprises...

KGG88 by Observer
  • 1 replies

Reshowing Amazon Video for a Class

Hello, I have a question to which I'd appreciate someone's responding. I teach a business course to college students, and I wanted to show an excerpt from the video "House of Games," which is on Amazon. When I tried to show the video, the sound came ...

Use of Zoom in China for teaching

I have recently arrived in China and will have to start teaching my university classes online while in quarantine. I opened a Zoom account after I arrived in China, but I use a Virtual Private Network to have more access to the internet. Will Zoom wo...

Education plan expired?

It's Hankyung University in Korea.I think it's very wrong to stop the free license service without notice.The sudden suspension is causing a very serious impact on academic management.If there was a notice in advance, I could have prepared to purchas...

kim2 by Observer
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Education Plan

Hi, as shown in the picture below, the account profile shows that my account type is education. However, on the profile page, it shows that the account type is basic, and I do have a 40min limit when hosting a meeting.

YangLi_0-1634570190951.png YangLi_1-1634571075526.png
YangLi by Observer
  • 1 replies
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