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Welcome to the Higher Education Community Forum!

The Higher Education community forum is a place for Zoom users to collaborate, seek support, and exchange knowledge in their success of using Zoom within the higher education industry.

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Integrating Zoom with Populi

Hello,I am a novice regarding such integration processes. I have looked over the content on Zoom that is needed for this to happen. Apparently, a JWT app must be created. I have no idea with this is, how to do it, or where to go. I have a pro-Zoom ac...

Ward_C by Listener
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Building e-Learning platform. How many licenses do I need?

Hello!We're building the e-Learning platform with about 30 teachers available for group courses held online via Video-meetings.How many licenses should we purchase to be able to run 5 team meetings in parallel with 5-10 participants in each group? So...

Support for Ukraine - free lessons

Hello Zoom Team! I am a Polish language teacher. I am supporting Ukrainian refugees by organizing free Polish lessons. I just bought a Zoom paid license for one month, but it is costly. Is there a chance that I could organize my 90 minute classes nex...

Zoom crashing when I share my share my screen

I have windows 10 and in the past few weeks zoom has been constantly crashing when I try to switch what screen my participants are seeing. Sometimes it will reconnect automatically, but there are times that it kicks me out of the meetings completely....

education additional information

Hello,I have checked the educator column when I create account , but it was mistakes.The following screen is displayed every time I log in , but I'm not educators (and I'm not an administrator),so I cannot sign in , but cannot delete my account to st...

paq by Listener
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Zoom 40-minute time limit

Dear Sir, I am a secondary school teacher from Hong Kong. Based on the announcement, Zoom will continue to lift the 40-minute time limit on existing accounts through June 30, 2022, for the education account. However, part of my colleges is still havi...