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Welcome to the Higher Education Community Forum!

The Higher Education community forum is a place for Zoom users to collaborate, seek support, and exchange knowledge in their success of using Zoom within the higher education industry.

Recent Activity

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Dear Teachers, Our Education team here at Zoom wants to take this opportunity on Teacher Appreciation Week to thank you for your heroic work to educate the students of the world. You deserve more than just a week of appreciation, but we hope that the...

DF110 by Community Champion
  • 0 replies

Permission for screenshots

Where can I ask for permission of using screenshots of the use of Zoom app for educational purpose? As a part of the development of research culture a handout was made of the use of the software (with screenshots of it) and it is intended to be poste...

RuyES by Listener
  • 0 replies

Zoom not working...

I had meetings on Zoom today and both times, I had to use the web version. It was a pain because the quality was so poor, particularly in the smaller meeting later in the day where there was so much static and problems with freezing screens. Is anyon...

DrJ by Listener
  • 1 replies

Managing Scheduling Privileges for Many Users

I manage a Zoom account with about 70 licenses for my college. We assign scheduling privilege to our administrative assistants for all of our academic faculty. Whenever an administrative assistant joins our unit or leaves their role but stays in the ...

40-minute limit removal - April 2022 update

To address global efforts in support of primary and secondary (K-12) education during the pandemic, Zoom temporarily lifted the 40-minute time limit. This program is now definitively concluding on June 30, 2022, as most students have returned to in-p...

Johann by Attendee
  • 0 replies

Integrating Zoom with Populi

Hello,I am a novice regarding such integration processes. I have looked over the content on Zoom that is needed for this to happen. Apparently, a JWT app must be created. I have no idea with this is, how to do it, or where to go. I have a pro-Zoom ac...

Ward_C by Listener
  • 0 replies

Building e-Learning platform. How many licenses do I need?

Hello!We're building the e-Learning platform with about 30 teachers available for group courses held online via Video-meetings.How many licenses should we purchase to be able to run 5 team meetings in parallel with 5-10 participants in each group? So...

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