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Enabling & Disabling Virtual Background


I am using  the Atem Mini Pro  with 3 cameras. camera 1 is being used as my webcam and camera 2& 3 are used to show other products or obj. when switching to Cam 2&3 it is showing my virtual background which I do not want.

Is there a keyboard shortcut or some way of switching to camera 2&3 with out showing  the virtual Background when you switch to cam 2&3?

Thank you



Are you using the virtual background feature in Zoom for camera 1?    Do you want the virtual background on none of your cameras, or just on camera 1?


Does this model of ATEM have the ability to store clips or images right in the switcher, and if so, can you use it internally for your virtual background/chroma key on a mix effects bus or something like that internally in the switcher?  So then in Zoom, your camera is just your ATEM, but when switching, you're doing this:


Mix effects (or something similar) for camera 1 (webcam) with background.  Look for something in your documentation like Keying, Chroma Key, frame store, etc.

Camera 2 - take as normal.

Camera 3 - take as normal.


Would that work, does it make sense?