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App Expenses?? (Specifically Kahoot)


I am employed as a supplemental instruction leader at a university. I want to use the Kahoot! app through zoom to make my sessions more accessible to students who only have one device to connect with me.  Right now, my administration has to approve any app downloads. My university has asked me to figure out how much it will cost them to allow me and other employees to use the zoom app- does anyone know where I can find that information?



Does your university already have an enterprise Zoom license? If yes, your question would be better put to the Kahoot sales team:


If your university needs a Zoom license, you will need to contact Zoom's sales team.  If only you need a license, that's only $20/month.


when you are looking at the marketplace in zoom you are looking at apps that integrate with Zoom. Kahoot! is a game system to enhance in class and online experiences. they have pricing and solutions on their webpage. I would assume once you have an established account with Kahoot! you would just integrate that account into Zoom.  I have attached Kahoot's pricing page.

your Zoom admin will still need to approve the integration of the app. 


It doesn't cost anything. They just have to allow the app to be used. I was using the free version of Kahoot and it worked fine with Zoom.

-- Scott

free version is very limited, the Kahoot app in the marketplace might require a paid account. 

It didn't for me. Could be an overall account subscription issue too, perhaps?

-- Scott