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webinar panelists can' enter practice


I have held 3 previous webinars this year. My current webinar won't allow for panelists to enter a practice session.  They received the panelist invite with link. their emails are listed as panelists. We tried a practice session and sll panelists were told the webinar starts at the start time and thy cant enter till then. 

One panelist typed the webinar number into the zoom meeting an was able to enter that way , but the others couldn't.

I have followed all "Bolts" advice.

thanks for any help




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @vdriver88 


If you are seeing differences in behaviors across different users (or Panelists in this case) I would ask them all to ensure they are all using the latest up-to-date version of Zoom. I would check the same thing for yourself.




Does your Webinar require Registration or Authentication?


What happens if a non-Panelist tries to join your Practice Session?





Hello my webinar requires  registration, how do I get panelists on the practice session with this requirement? 


I have a similar situation - in the past, panelists merely clicked on their panelist invite and could initiate a practice session. 

Now, Invited panelist, using the invite link, is unable to start a practice session.  When clicking on the link the pop up indicates when the webinar will begin.  Practice session is enabled. ZOOM version is updated. Panelist has also registered for the webinar. 

How can a panelist initiate a practice webinar session?