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webinar invitation has typos


This is what is on my copy attendee invitation 
Topic: Return to Learn and Beyond: The SLP's Guide to TBI and Concussion Management    The &#39 should not be there.  However, I have proofread everything that I input and there are no seen typos on the information that I entered.  Any help is appreciated. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @carrie_drew, you could look into the attendee invitation email template here and see if you can track down the typo by editing the template. You can look more into the KB article, Customizing webinar email settings for more info on that!


I hope this helps you edit that typo! 🙂


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On 2 recent meetings, we had a problem with "Copy Invitation." We have been using Zoom for our meetings for quite a while. Each time, I have the link copied to my Outlook Calendar. Then, I hit "Copy Invitation" to paste the link into our email to our board members. This has always worked fine until twice in the last couple months. "Copy Invitation" has given the wrong link, to a meeting from a couple months ago. Our members got a notice that said "Invalid Link." During a meeting last week, we wasted a half hour as people called and emailed saying they needed the correct link! Can you please explain how to fix this?