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registration not required?


Do attendees HAVE to register for a zoom event or is it possible for me to send attendees a direct join link or otherwise invite them without them registering?


Background: I am hosting an event that has registration on a different portal and, in the past, we had people register on that platform AND register through zoom which is a lot of steps for them. Is there any way to avoid the second step and just have people able to join the event without registering? 


I have seen the pre-registration option which is possible (I have emails for those who register) but I don't see anywhere if I can continue to "pre-register" people after the event has been published. 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi @hscheuffele

when you create a meeting/webinar/event you should be able to set or disable the option "requiere authentication to join" also activate the waiting room and add a passcode for your event under the section meetings in the webportal (your account). Same settings can be found on the desktop client.









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