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"Enable cloud recording" not available after ticket sold


Hello! We are hosting a multi-day conference and have sold approximately 90 paid registrations. Before publishing the event, I carefully reviewed all of the settings in the Zoom Support documentation that we would be unable to change after publication or ticket sales. Now that we have solidified all of our keynotes and have their permission to record, I am attempting to turn on cloud recordings so I can automatically record sessions and include them with the conference access, but the option is grayed out and there is a pop-up message that says this setting cannot be changed after a ticket is sold. 


This Support page says the following: 


Hosts can update cloud recordings and live streaming settings after a ticket has sold, after an event goes live, and during an event. Additionally, hosts can enable live streaming and recording settings after a ticket has been sold for published events that have not taken place yet.


Additionally, there is a list of features on the Advanced Settings Tab that shows what the host is "Able to edit after conference is published" and "Able to edit after ticket is sold." This includes "Enable cloud recording" and "Include complimentary access to this event's cloud recording with registration." I've attached screenshots of each of these sections of the Support site and linked it above. 


Currently, I am not able to edit/enable either of these features. This is central to our selecting Zoom Events and the support documentation seems to contradict the way the system is working, or at the very least failed to list some other restriction that is triggering this option being locked. Any advice on how to remedy this?



Hi, @DonL_ML!

Please be sure to submit a Support Ticket to Zoom staff at: 


The volunteers in the Zoom Community here don’t have a way to access accounts or fix things on the Zoom back end.  

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" /
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Hi Ray! I did submit a ticket and they finally responded this morning and said:


the ability to toggle cloud recording can only be modified after a ticket is sold if the event is a single-session event. For events that have multiple sessions and/or tracks, you will not be able to modify the recording settings after a ticket has been sold.”


They said their documentation did not include this information/caveat so they are flagging it internally. I am NOT happy to say the least.

Well, that doesn’t track for me … my event is a multi-session event. The fact that it is clone of an event created over a month ago may have some bearing on it … but that’s just crazy. 

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" /
Please like any post that helped you; please mark solutions so others can find them!