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how to set reminder email automatic send to participants before the event day?


Hi, once participants register event from zoom link they will receive an email with event zoom link.


how we can set this email automatic send to participants before the event day? like 3 days before & 1 day before




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@chai11 You can do so from the webinar you scheduled in the web portal under "Email Settings." We don't have a 3 day option, but we do have an option for 1 week. 


Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 8.50.50 AM.png

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Is there a way to generate reminder emails (1 week out and day before - as with webinars) for a zoom meeting?

Would it be possible to add this option to Zoom Meetings? Even as a feature with a Premium price attached?


We need to use Zoom Meetings because we need to see all our participants and Webinars doesn't let us do that. And we need email reminders like Webinars but Meetings don't have that.


It is like we have half of the solution on each product.


We have a neighborhood council meeting that repeats--not a webinar, and we really need a way to generate reminder emails with the links our registered people need. How do we do this? Even if it's not automated (which would be ideal)?

I do this manually (which I'm not fond of) by editing the registration confirmation email to indicate it's a "reminder", saving that, then selecting "view" next to Manage Registrants, checking the box to select all registrants, then "resend confirmation email." Then I immediately edit the confirmation email to delete the reminder language and save that.

It is now possible to automate reminders for Zoom meetings using Salepager