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hand raise with 50 attendees


Hello, quick question for anyone -- when a call has 50 + attendees and someone "raises their hand" yellow hand,  does it move them to the front screen so you can actually see it?  Thanks!



What I have experienced is they move to the top of the participant list and they move to the first video box.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Well, you two... @susan88 and @zoomer_tom:


I haven't thoroughly tested the gallery positioning... but today I did test the Participant list positioning.  Here's a brief summary of what I found.


The Participant list is ordered from top to bottom as follows:

  1. You
  2. Host, if you are not the host
  3. Co-Hosts, if any (other than you)
  4. Participants with Raised Hands, in order of first raised to last raised
  5. Unmuted online participants
  6. Unmuted cell phones
  7. Muted online participants
  8. Muted cell phones

Within each of those numbered items, the Display Name field is used to sort the entries within the group in the sorted in the following order (consider each character to be a "column" of the sort):

  1. Spaces.    Note that the "Rename" feature will remove any leading spaces entered.
  2. Special Characters in ASCII order.
  3. Numbers.
  4. Letters sorted without regard to capitalization.

So if you want to group names together within the Unmuted Online Participants, use special characters like #, $, &, *, ^, ~.


Note that Raised Hands are always sorted in the order hands were raised, with new Raised Hands always being added to the bottom of that list, and that cell phone callers are not treated any differently in this case.


I'm entering a Feature Request to put a checkbox somewhere to enable the display of a thin colored line in between each of the 8 groups above. 😎

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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