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discount code for webinars


I'm hosting webinars with registration fees but would like to offer certain groups of attendees reduced registration fees. As I understand it, this option doesn't currently exist for Zoom Webinars. Can anybody suggest a viable work-around for someone that is only moderately computer savvy ? Also not sure I want to go the 'Events' route.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @orthoguy,


I’m a solo Zoom event producer for small business and nonprofits, and do this frequently. I use Eventbrite for paid registration, and there’s a way to link your Eventbrite event to a Zoom Meeting or Webinar, where Eventbrite feeds the registration information over to Zoom via API.  Eventbrite’s ticketing setup is very flexible and robust, and I’ve been using them since, well, Covid.


It’s not horribly difficult, but not trivial. Check them out, and come back to this thread if you need some specific guidance.  If you have proprietary details to discuss, PM me and we can chat offline a bit. 

FYI, Eventbrite doesn't feed Zoom Events. But if you’d like some help  looking into Zoom Events, I can help there too. 

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