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can we send a alert email after webinar start?


Does anyone know How we could send an alert email to those who have registered for our webinar but have not yet joined? 
alert email might be sent after 5 min of webinar starts. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ychavan ,

As far as I know there is no option to automate this within the Zoom platform itself.
You have options to send follow-up emails to absentees but that is after the webinar has finished. Reminder emails are sent before (1 week, 1 day and/or 1 hour).

There might be a 3rd-party tool that can do that but the only similar thing to that I could find on the Zoom App Marketplace is this tool that can be used to send WhatsApp automatic reminders even during the webinar:
Webinar Booster - WhatsApp Reminders & Engagement


 The only other way I see it is doing it manually by adding a reminder in your own calendar and then copying the registration info and send a reminder to everyone but of course on webinars with many attendees that can be too much.

Hope someone else can give a better idea or known of a solution.