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can I upload a PDF document to my webinar


I have a participant guide I would like my participants to download at the beginning of the meeting.  Can I upload it into the webinar ahead of time so my participants can download and view the PDF during the meeting?


Community Champion

Hi @Vi3 thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! In short this is not possible today. Uploading documents is possible during a webinar session, you can just chat with all participants or even all panelists, the choice is yours, and send the file that way https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/209605493-Sending-a-file-in-meetings-and-webinars


In the past, uploading documents before a meeting or webinar has been a good idea that in practice can be a little inflexible. What I mean is what if you need to make changes to the document and re-upload, and what if participants don't receive the information or take time to read it before hand. You will probably need to resend during the meeting/webinar anyway 🙂 Plus there are certain privacy and data storage issues that can arise with where to store the file before the event. 


I realize this is a good feature request though and if you have a few minutes to make a suggestion and describe how and why you would like this, it would be great.  Currently, our product team reviews all feature requests submitted via our feedback form https://zoom.us/feed. 


I do thank you for the question! 


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