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I had a meeting on 30th August 2021, which was mandatory for me to attend. I have attended the meeting, but I received a big letter from my boss that I didn't attend. Can zoom provide me with evidence that I have attended the meeting? I didn't have zoom account at that time. The meeting had registration at the beginning, but I can't ask my boss to pull post webinar survey for me. Help plzzzz


This was the meeting link:



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi alsaifi! Welcome to Zoom Community😁  You can ask other colleagues who has an Owner / Admin access to help you run a report explaining your situation. (i.e. IT Admin) Don't worry! if you have registered to that event then you have a record in that particular meeting.


Also you might need to check which account did you use to join that meeting, as sometimes people tend to use their personal account accidentally to login.


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