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Zoom webinar/ meetings functionality


For an event we're hosting we would like to have people join in breakout groups. In addition to this we would like the groups to be able to see each other in the main session when the presenter is speaking. 


Does anyone know if this can be done on zoom? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not exactly, unless you want to create a very expensive and complicated production. I suggest you use Zoom Meetings and not Zoom Webinar.  You can use FOCUS MODE in Zoom meetings to create a "webinar type experience" during the speaker part.  And then remove the FOCUS MODE and send people to breakout rooms for acticities and discussion.  if you want some type of group communication during the lecture, you can set up a whiteboard for each group and send them the link.  So they can put their notes, comments in the whiteboard and then continue discussion in the breakout room.  Feel free to join my FB group for trying out ideas.