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Zoom Webinars for Conference - how to organize licenses and hosts for simultaneous sessions


Hi, all! We are hosting a virtual conference and already have our conference platform (so not a Zoom Events candidate!). I am not understanding the licensure requirements to run 5 simultaneous webinars.

We have a Zoom biz account but need to use 5 additional Zoom lines with hired contractors acting as hosts to help us run this conference. There are 4 sets of 5 simultaneous webinars for 2 consecutive days.  After the conference, we will not need the extra 5 lines, nor do we want the contractors to have access to the information. 

During each 1 hr webinar, each host will share their screen to show a precorded video. During the video showing, the speaker will run the chat session. Once the video is finished, the speaker will then appear live on screen and run a live Q&A session. 

We are not intending to record the webinars. We are intending to post the chat transcript for all attendees to access. 

Is it correct we need to buy 5, one month webinar lines? And then how do we handle the admin set up if the contractors need to host it, but after the conference, only our employees will access the information? 

How do we set it up since the contractors do not have our company email? 

Anything else I should know or didn't ask? Thank you! 




You'll need one licence for each track + 1 for yourself as a 'master' user.    The easiest way to set this up is running a single Zoom webinar/meeting for a single track for the entire day, and within this webinar/meeting the individual sessions will follow each other. 

Now, for each track you'll need a separate licence.  First, buy the necessary number of licenses under Billing.  Then you'll need to add your contractors as 'users' under User management.  (Add their email addresses, Zoom will send out a link to them, and they'll need to accept their new role, essentially linking their Zoom account with yours.)  After this, also under User Management, assign a webinar/meeting licence to each of these users/contractors.


The next step is to set up the individual tracks (i.e. webinars/meetings), and at the bottom of the page, add the licenced users as 'alternative hosts'.    


Make sure each track has a different alternative host assigned, and make sure you keep your own licence unassigned to any of the tracks.


Once the event is over, you can revoke the licences from these contractors under User Management.


It may be a good idea to have 1 or 2 extra licences ready just in case -- an alternative host may not show up in time, or some other glitch happens, so you quickly assign a licence to a colleague and ask them to be the alternative host of the track.  Make sure you also assign them to the individual meeting/webinar as an alternative host, otherwise they will not be able to launch the webinar/meeting.