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Zoom Webinar to Pardot integration putting some attendees ALSO on the no-show list


I set up the integration between Zoom Webinar and our Pardot account. On paper it looks like everything should be working just fine. I am able to create Segmentation Lists in Pardot, and when I'm setting up my webinar, can successfully connect Registrants, Attendees, and No-Shows to each of those Pardot lists. HOWEVER...

Some of our attendees are ending up on BOTH the attendee list and the No-Show list. So for post-webinar communication, they're getting both emails. This has happened twice now. 


My engagement studio campaign is set up correctly -- I've triple-checked.

The lists in Zoom are correct -- when I pull the csv files, there's no duplication. 

But when those lists are pushing from Zoom to Pardot, this duplication occurs. 


Anyone have this issue? Any thoughts on a fix?