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I teach online people, I have more than 1000 students who come live in my basic course and more than 300 people come in advanced course, but my biggest problem is that I don't have any staff and when  If I do paid training for 1000 students, then some students share the link of the training with others, so that some people come to my class without paying fees, and I do not have enough time to approve everyone first after registering. 


I have email id of all students, is it so strict that I send email to those 1000 people and only those people can join?

Please help me @ZoomSupporter @Zoom 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello amitsharma.

I have seen a few enquiries trying to accomplish similar goals as yours; I honestly think Zoom Meetings is the right product to use but either Zoom Sessions, or Zoom Events, however it might not be cost-efficient for all use-cases. 

With that comment out of the way, I think you might find helpful using the feature Breakout Rooms in your meeting, along with the Waiting Room enabled as the security; I think it can help because you can "pre-allocate" the users you actually want in the meeting into the Breakroom, and the rest can be left in the Main Room waiting forever; you still have to manually let the people into the meeting, but at least you won't have to verify anything because if it shows in the Breakroom, is because it was directly invited by you.

I know it is not close to an ideal solution, but I think it could help if Zoom Sessions or Events are not options.

Here are two (2) articles that show how to use and pre-allocate users to Breakout Rooms.


I hope this helps



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I apologize...somehow I missed you are using Zoom Webinars and not Meetings. My answer might not apply to the issue you are describing.

Reading more details about the issue you are decribing, I am trying to understand what part of the feature "Registration Required" feature is not working in your case, and why you have to "approve" additional people that you have not invited. Are you using the Webinar feature "Require attendees to authenticate to join"?

Can you elaborate a bit further what the issue is?