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Zoom Webinar Recording Now has Embedded Panellist Names


Does anyone know how I can turn this off after it's been recorded? I updated the other day, and now I have Zoom names on everyone's cameras. This isn't ideal for a show being recorded for a YouTube production. I haven't changed any settings.


Update: Was able to fix by running an older version of Zoom on a different machine and converting the click to convert files again. Can this be an option in the Zoom client recording settings in future?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Rnewbs I am sorry I missed your post! Thank you for also providing the workaround to your issue. I'm sure other members with a similar question have found it helpful. I would like to encourage you to submit this feature via I think this functionality would be great to add to our future roadmap.



Zoom Community Team