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Zoom Webinar Events - Automation to send webinar invitations via Outlook calendar?


   We typically send out Zoom webinar invitations from our Outlook calendar to better track who had accepted the invites. It'll also help the ones who tend to forget to click on the .ics file when the email is sent from the Zoom webinar events account to have it automatically added to their calendar. 


    Is there any automation available to download the panelist list as a .csv and use mail merge to send out each individual invites within Outlook? Are there any other options? It's such a chore having to manually copy and paste the info into an Outlook invite for each individual panelists.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @CW0000,


Me too!  👍


I keep hoping that someone will create a Marketplace app that does this easily and inexpensively.  I wouldn't mind paying -- but so far I don't see anything.


All the data is there in the API... also for sending Join links to registered attendees.  I've used Zapier to grab registration data and send customized emails, but I think the panelists are stored separately.


The problem with the method you described is that there is no download of CSV for Panelists.  Even for Registrants, the Join links are not in the downloadable CSV file... and there's no way I know of to generate them yourself.  Zapier grabbed Registrants through the API interface and dropped them in an Excel spreadsheet.


I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything!

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Thank you! I'm glad I'm the only one looking for this option. I'll submit a Zoom feature request to see if this is something that's being looked into.