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Zoom Webinar Attendee Report - Promoting Attendee to Panelist and Implications for SFDC / Marketo



I recently ran my first Zoom Webinar(!) We decided to promot attendees to panelist in order for them to show their video / have a more intimate feelign since it was a small group.

I downloaded the Webinar Attendee report and can see that all attendees who were promotoed to panelists in the "Attended Panelists" section - makes sense.

I'm wondering what, if any implications, promoting attendees to panelists has on reporting in Marketo / Salesforce.

Secondly, I can see there are some repeat people - for example one person joined 4 times, so it has them listed 4 times, with time in session being the full time of the webinar for one of them, and the rest of the "logins" having zero minutes in session; will this kind of duplicate data be synced over to Marketo / Salesforce?


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Zoom Moderator

Hi @Sphillips21, Thank you for your contribution! 


I see that your discussion has not yet received a reply from the community so I wanted to check in 🙂 


I am very happy that you were able to reach out to our support team and they were able to assist you in answering these questions. For account-specific questions such as this one, reaching out to our team of experts is the way to go. 


We can't wait to see how else you contribute to our growing Zoom Community! 

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