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Zoom Room as a Panelist in a webinar


We've set up a webinar and invited one of our Zoom Rooms as a Panelist. The webinar appears on the controller in the room (it's a Neat Bar system), but when we join the webinar, it only joins as a Participant, NOT a Panelist. While we can promote them within the meeting, our use case will often be that the Zoom Room is invited by an external party to a Zoom webinar, and we'd prefer not to have to walk them through the promotion of the participant to a panelist.


Why can we not join the meeting as a panelist?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



You can invite a person or Zoom Room to be a webinar panelist. 


On the Invitations tab at the bottom of the page, find the Invite panelists section and click Edit.Enter a name and email address to invite them. If you're inviting a Zoom Room, enter the room name. The room's location will display in the Email/Zoom Rooms column.



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We know how to invite them. The problem is when they join the webinar, they get joined as a participant, not a panelist. Is there some setting that we need to change to fix this, either at the account level, in the Room settings, or in the initial invitaiton.


Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Hi, we have the same problem. We add the Room as a panelist, but it joins the webinar as an attendee and requires a manual promotion to panelist. Is there a way to avoid this step? Thanks!