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Zoom Events ticketing outside Zoom


Hi! I'm planning a multi-day, multi-track hybrid event, relying on Zoom Events as a platform.   

I'll need to sell tickets on my website (mostly to comply with local regulations to issue VAT invoices).  


Q:  How do I control access to my Zoom Event to those who have purchased a ticket through my website?     I assume I can send out an automated email to purchasers with a link to the Zoom Event.  So far so good, but how do I make sure non-eligible people don't join?   I sthere a way to add a list of eligible emails that are allowed to access the event?  (And if so, can such a list be dynamically updated by emails of people who purchase access during the event?)


Thank you,

Csaba (



We're also looking to do this. 

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi @Csaba_BPconf ,


I assume you can export the registrants' email addresses from your website. When creating the ticket in Zoom Events, under Set Visibility Rules, choose Private. Under Invite Attendees, choose Invite Attendees by Email Address. And then click 'Add Users. Upon receiving a popup window, choose Import Email Addresses from CSV.

Please refer to this screenshot for details.

Currently, there is no automatic way to achieve this. Shortly, we are releasing API for ZE registration. So you can do this programmatically.


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