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Zoom Events | Manually Approve Registrations


Using Zoom Events, how do I set "manually approve registrations"? (I know how to do this in regular Zoom meetings and Webinars.) We typically only allow a subset of our community to attend events, so we need to be able to approve them on the fly.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello again, @MelssaShay.


You control access to Zoom Events in a couple of ways, but based on my experience, if you have a public registration link, they can register – period. 

I’m assuming your event is a free event. It wouldn’t really make sense to be able to disapprove a paid registration.


Tickets and registration links can be closely controlled by two main methods: allowing Email addresses from certain domains to register, or allowing only users attached to your organizational account to register. The other approach is to obtain the email addresses of all potential registrants and “invite” them by uploading their email addresses in the Registration section.

I’m not sure what criteria you are using to deny access, but if you find someone you don’t want to attend, you can Cancel registrations from the Manage Registrants -> Orders tab:



If you’d like to explain a little more about how you’d like to control access, I might be able to suggest other approaches. 

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Hello - 


Thanks for the help. We actually do want to approve/decline registrations for paid and unpaid events. Some of our events are only available to a subset of our community.


But that aside, in Zoom Meetings, when setting up the meeting, it has options to select "Automatically Approve" or "Manually Approve". I am hoping for that same setting in Zoom Sessions/Events. But it looks like it doesn't exist. Do you agree?


Thanks again for your help.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You are correct, that those specific options do not exist in Zoom Events.


There are a number of ways to control who can register. In my opinion, this is more useful than controlling whose registration gets approved. But this approach does require a list of the email addresses for all permitted attendees.


You might want to attend one of the Zoom Events Training & Enablement group’s Office Hours sessions on Wednesday mornings. The Zoom Events crew has a lot of experience with various registration approaches.


I highly recommend setting up a scenario in a Test/Demo Event or Session and tweak it until you get the control you want.  There are many options, and each one seems to have “side effects,” and we’re all still learning!

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