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Zoom Events - Can't Create A Poll


I am hosting a Zoom Events Conference and when in a webinar or meeting and I click Polls the button to "create" a poll is present. But when I click it it takes me to the main screen for the hub. My zoom settings are enabled for creating polls in webinars and meetings. Please help! My conference starts tomorrow!! Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello cpat2004! 

I guess your event is over by now, but I hope the following will still be useful information for your next event!
Polling is available for the Zoom Events Conference type. However, Polling questions can only be added as you are building the ZE Conference via and with a limit of up to 5 poll questions per session.  Once you are in the Webinar/Meeting within the ZE Conference, you will only be able to launch the poll that has been created previously. Hence for any changes to the poll, it must be done on the build page ( And good thing is, changes will be updated simultaneously even as the session is live.


I had the same issue. Is this going to be fixed? It seems crazy that this is the only option.