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Wrong email address showing in inbound invitations


When I receive a Zoom invitation to my Outlook work email address, the invitation shows my private Yahoo address on the right and / so I can't save the event to my Outlook work calendar. It looks to be a problem with Zoom (not MS), because when I schedule a Zoom meeting and send it to myself, again, my private Yahoo address shows on the right. I'm on free Zoom, on a Windows 10 PC. How do I fix this please? Many thanks. 



I just had a similar problem.  When I would get email from zoom whether it would be a confirmation number to login or a notice that someone had entered a meeting I had scheduled it was always coming from the cancer alliance.  I went into my address book and I saw that apparently when I went to some meeting that was scheduled by cancer alliance I saved it and it was coming from zoom so everything was changing over. Take a look at your resume listings in your address book.