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What's New with Zoom Events

Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Check out the latest release for Zoom Events! 


Pro tip: The new virtual networking feature is HUGE in helping you replicate the magic of in-person events in a virtual setting!


Comment below with your favorite new feature, or biggest question regarding Zoom Events! For more information on this, and other releases, please visit the Release Notes on the Zoom Support site. 


Zoom Events Update


Changes to existing features

  • Co-editors can save and republish events on assigned pages
    Co-editors can only save and republish content on pages that were assigned to them. Hosts can then update the entire event accordingly.
  • Republish button support for expo
    Hosts and co-editors (with editing permission) can publish or update expo by using the Republish button. This will save and update changes (live) to expo only at the expo level. The Republish button will save and publish updated content, which will be visible to attendees.


New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Include Pre-Registration tickets in Host Analytics Dashboard metrics
      Data from pre-registration tickets is now accounted for in the registration and attendance metrics in Host Analytics Dashboard.
    • Session engagement visualization in Host Analytics Dashboard
      The Host Analytics Dashboard (Analytics and Control) now displays high-level engagement summary from event attendees: such as group chat participation, 1:1 chat participation and survey response.
  • Host features
    • Review reported incidents without downloads
      When reviewing reported incidents, hosts and chat moderators can view any attached screenshots in the image viewer window without downloading the image. Previously, hosts had to download screenshots to view them.
    • Add or hide marketing opt-in
      Under Registration Requirements, hosts can choose to display or hide the optional Marketing Opt-In check box at event registration.
    • Host Analytics Dashboard permissions
      Hosts can grant access to the Host Analytics Dashboard to anyone they prefer. Hosts can grant up to 10 users access to event analytics. In addition, Hosts can also delete access and resend access links. Previously, analytics were only accessible to the host who created the event. The person with the access will be able to view and manage Host Analytics Dashboard via the email link that is sent to them.
  • Event setup features
    • Enable or disable Q&A controls at the session level
      Hosts can now enable or disable Q&A at the session level. Previously, hosts could only configure Q&A controls at the event level.
  • Networking features
    • Introducing: Zoom Events Networking
      Hosts can now allow attendees to discover other participants, make connections, and exchange information with each other all within Zoom Events. Some new features include:
      • People Profiles: Before or during an event, attendees can create a profile with a photo, name, job title, description, and more. They can also set their default networking mode, e.g. Feeling Social or Simply Exploring. Attendees can set their availability, ask others to connect, engage in private, 1:1 chat as well as group chats to make introductions. After an event, these profiles remain and attendees can review their contacts and connections.
      • Networking Directory: Before an event, attendees can explore the Networking Directory within the event page. They can view others’ profiles and ask to connect as well.
      • Discovery Tools: Before, during or after an event, attendees can search the Networking Directory for a specific name or may filter by certain attributes, such as location, to search for others with similar interests. Within the event, attendees can view who else is participating in chat as well as send contact requests.
    • Attendee profile and presence
      Zoom Events attendees can now create and access their profile page to:
      • See their upcoming events
      • See their past events
      • Manage their connections
      • Edit their profile and preferences
    • Networking analytics
      Data related to Zoom Events networking, including profile creation, connections made, is now available in the Host Analytics Dashboard.
  • Attendee features
    • Show the number of lobby chat participants
      After 1,000 users join the lobby chat, the total number of participants will be displayed as 1,000+, 2,000+, and so on.
  • Payment & Billing features
    • US tax exemptions
      In the United States, taxes will be excluded from ticket purchases for Zoom Events being hosted from a tax-exempt account. Zoom Events hubs will recognize and display the Zoom account’s tax-exempt status.
  • Hub features
    • Hosts can now access the content library from all upload entry points in Zoom Events.
    • Audio transcripts are now available Zoom Events recordings.
    • Simplified Hub creation and publishing process.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Ah, so exciting! Thanks for sharing @AustinP 🏆


The default networking mode sounds really cool 😎

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@AustinP, good info, thanks. 

Please advise if there are plans or progress toward effective participation in Zoom Event sessions from phone and tablets?  I’m not even asking for access to Lobby, Chat, and Expo – but not being able to join sessions (the scheduled Meetings and Webinars) with these devices makes Zoom Events a non-starter for many organizations.

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Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

@Ray_Harwood , oh yes, we're actively working toward solutions for joining Zoom Events with mobile and tablet devices. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised in the coming weeks! 🙂 


thank you. Can you add music to a zoom event lobby?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I thought about that as well – I don’t there’s a way to do it directly, but there’s a clever workaround: have a meeting session that plays music and stream that to the lobby. 

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