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Webinars As Needed


We have a Pro account and are looking to host 3-4 webinars per year. Can we upgrade to the Webinar subscription as needed for the month of the webinar, cancel it after and repeat?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Go to your own Zoom Portal, then "ADMIN > Plans and Billing > Plan Management" and you should will find the option you are looking for; see the screenshot below and you will see when adding the "Zoom Webinar" to your account, you have the options to buy Just One (1) Month, pay Monthly, or Yearly. You don't need to worry about cancelling the Webinar license if you went with the first option.

Now...if you already purchased the One Year and it is already in your account...I am not sure you can revert that and it will be a Post/Question more for the "Billing & Account Management" Group