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Webinar needs Breakout Rooms for In-Camera/Confidential meetings - - impacting 3,500+ Zoom Users


There are over 3,500 municipalities across Canada and that does not include the many Counties and Municipal Service Boards (ie Social Service Boards, Police Service Boards,...) that require the ability to go 'in-camera' to deal with confidential matters. (For Ontario: labour relations, legal advice, security of property, information supplied in confidence...)


We use Webinars successfully to have Council Members and staff join as Panelists and the general public attend as Attendees.


Zoom Webinar fails when it comes to allowing Panelists to leave the Public portion of the meeting to have a private meeting while the Attendees (residents) wait for them to come back from their private meeting.  Currently, Councillors need to leave the Zoom Webinars and join the Zoom Meetings for a private meeting then come back to the Zoom Webinars. 


I'm not looking to pay a premium for added features in Zoon Webinar but we would pay extra to have this ability in Zoom Webinar.


Is there a valid reason for not having breakout rooms in Zoom Webinar? 



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Shuniah ! Thank you for reaching out.  I appreciate you for describing how this feature would help you out. Currently, our product team reviews all feature requests submitted via our feedback form  I highly encourage you to submit your suggestions for breakout rooms!