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Webinar didn't send reminder email


Hi, I just held a webinar yesterday and Zoom didn't send out the 1hr before reminder. I had it set and it's always worked in the past.  Anyone else have this issue before? And is there a workaround?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jbrill 


Was the a recurring Webinar?


Do you now for sure that none of your Registrants received an email - or might some have, and some not? 



It was just a single webinar but was a template that I used from a previous saved one.

As far as I can tell, no one received the 1 hr before email. I have multiple email addresses signed up on my end and none of them received it.  So I ended up having to manually resend all the confirmation emails (560 registrations). 

I asked participants and they only received one email that morning.  So I think it's safe to say, no one got the 1hr before.

So yeah.... really disconcerting, especially as i have another one this weekend which will have closer to 700 registration..

Any idea?

Hi Rupert, 

I am looking to see if a webinar series will send reminders to participants after the first in the series has occurred.  Do you know? 



I am having the exact same issue! 1 week before, 1 day before and 1 hour before email reminders are set up but the 1 week before reminder didn't send. I'd like to understand how I give people a link when it's a register and paid-for webinar. Looks like they need a personalised one, is that right? Or is there a link I can provide them with that I need to find? Appreciate the help.