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Webinar Settings for Shared Screens


What are the right settings so my webinar attendees can see both panelists as well as the shared screen? The settings I have used in the past don't seem to be working any more. 


Participant View: Gallery
Participant View during Screen Share: Side by Side Gallery/Side by Side Speaker


I've tested this, and I can only see both panelists when I'm not doing a screen share. 
I have a webinar this week and need help soon!!!


Thanks Zoom Community.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @LisaClar,


Are you talking about viewing by attendees, or on a Cloud or Local recording?


In a webinar, I generally use the Attendee View settings to ensure that they are getting the view we want them to have:


Note that this menu changes when you are Screen Sharing.  Unfortunately If you are NOT using the DUAL MONITOR setting, you can't see this menu; if you do have dual monitors enabled, this menu moves to the SECOND screen:


I recommend testing all versions of these settings, with one computer joining as an attendee.


Panelists and hosts are frequently confused by their own displays, and think that the attendees are having a horrible view of things, when in fact all attendees will see the view that the host sets for the attendees.  I always have an "attendee" computer nearby so I can see what they see.


Based on my testing, the "side by side Speaker" setting will show EITHER the panelist that is currently speaking (normally has the yellow box around their video) OR if you have one or more panelists in Spotlight mode, all of the "spot-lit" panelists will be shown.  If you select "side by side Gallery", all of the Panelists with video started will be shown (up to 9, I think).  Both of these two modes put a vertical bar between the screen share and the panelist videos which the attendee can slide left-and-right to change the relative sized of the two parts of the screen.


The "Standard" mode makes the Screen Share "full screen" and puts the participants in a floating video strip that they can move.


If your concern is more for Recordings... note that any time Zoom puts a panelist on the same view as a Screen Share, only one person is shown.  If you want more than one speaker on with your slides, your best bet is to check all of the recording format options in your Cloud Recording  Settings, and edit them post-event with something like Adobe Premiere Pro.

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