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Webinar Registration


Hello Guys, 


We usually require registration for our webinar to be able to see how many people have attended the webinar. But usually we require our attendees to register on our website. After they register on our website (a day before the webinar) I export the registrants list with email addresses and import to the Attendees List on our webinar on the zoom page. After that, the attendees receive the link to join the webinar with a confirmation of registration from zoom. However, when they press the join link, zoom asks them to re-register on the zoom page after which the attendees receive the join link for the second time and only on this second time they can finally join the webinar. 


How can I remove this double registration issue? I mean, I need the people to register only to see who has eventually attended the event. But I do not need them to register on the zoom page, I need them to register on my website, after which I can export the attendees list and import it to the zoom webinar. 


In past this was how it worked, but a few months ago, my attendees started to have this double registration issue,