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Webinar Registration on mobile browser provides no link or passcode


Hi! I've been doing Meetings and Webinars with registration for over a year at this point, and a user just pointed this out to me.


When registering through a mobile browser, you are taken to a confirmation page. This page contains the event title, date/time, Webinar ID, event description, and link to cancel. As far as I know, this is not customizable.


While it's a mild inconvenience to copy and paste the webinar ID, you are unable to enter to a webinar with a passcode.


Additionally, we also use a third-party registration site, so we disable Zoom's confirmation emails (we do enable Zoom registration to collect email addresses).


So is there any way to fix this? If anyone registers through a mobile browser as I have it set up, they will be unable to join the webinar.




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @mmeckes, per your discussion, you can customize your Webinar Emails here.



However, if you disabled Zooms confirmation emails due to your third-party registration procedure, not sure if this will be useful as to customizing the Webinar Confirmation email.  


If you'd like to look further into Customizing webinar email settings KB article. With the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and FreeMarker Format you're able to fully customize your Webinar emails. For including the meeting details into your email template, you can look into the Email Variables


I hope this info helps! 


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