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Webinar Registrant Export CSV changes


We have using the CSV file exported from Zoom to organize out Webinar Attendees for about 18 months.  We save the .csv file as a .xlsx file and import it into an MS Access program.   

On 18 January 2022, it seems like the phone number field of the CSV file changed.   When we import into Access, phone numbers with non-numeric characters like ),-,(,+ the phone number will become a blank field n Access.  All numeric phone numbers will import fine for access.   

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @casperreaves1 If importing webinar registration reports into MS Access changes the entered phone numbers from the registration report, I don't believe this to be a Zoom issue. Is this something that's happened before? As long as the webinar registration reports export correctly and the data from the webinar registration is present.


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