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Webinar Passcode Unselected but Still Requiring Passcode


I'm at a loss.  I have an on-demand webinar that requires registration to view, but DOES NOT require a webinar passcode.  Here are my settings:




However, users who are registering for the webinar are being asked for a passcode after completing their registration.  This is the screen that pops up after registration (note, registrants are also not receiving a passcode via email post registration either):  




We want users to view the webinar after registering.  Can anyone help?




My name is Pizzalover28 and I will happily assist you today. 

I would recommend contacting Zoom Support. 

If you would like to contact Zoom's technical support team, zoom offers a fiew support methods. 

1. Submitting a web ticket. 

You can submit a web ticket by going to the following link: 

2. For more urgent issues, you can start a chat session. To start a chat session, first start by going to the website and clicking on the blue chat bot icon at the bottom of the page. Once you click the chat bot icon, type support. 

The zoom chat bot will give you a fiew options for teams to contact. 

Select or type support from the menu. 

After selecting, click on chat with a support agent.