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Webinar Host Options


I've created a Webinar, but while I am the host through Zoom I personally will not be hosting and do not want to show up as present for the webinar. Is there a way for me to change my status to a participant, or would I have to log out of my zoom account and attend anonymously? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Kendall --


Not the oddest request I've ever seen, but maybe a little unusual.  Still, I can see why you might want to do this.  


I've tried every way I know to make the "owning host" an attendee instead of a panelist... and there's no way.  You might consider making a second (Basic/free) account and register/join as someone with no hosting access.


(Note: I had originally included "Here's my suggestion" at the end of the first paragraph... thinking it should be possible to do!  I tried all combinations that I can think of, and nothing allowed me to become an "Attendee" as the meeting creator.  You can set someone else as Host; you become a Panelist, not a Co-Host [which I thought was odd, in and of itself], but then there was no "Make an Attendee" menu item on the owning user.  I left the meeting and came back... still no option to make me an Attendee.)

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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