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Webinar Follow Up Email - Never Sent


I set up a "Follow Up Email" for a webinar I scheduled, and set it up to send "1 day after". I edited these settings the same day as the webinar event. I sent myself a preview of the email which I received without issue. 


After the webinar ended, I assumed the follow up email would auto send from the Zoom platform to all attendees. 


But 6 days later and the follow up email has still not be sent to my attendees. 


What did I do wrong? Can I fix this and still send a follow up email to my attendees?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Crystal4 If the day has already passed, I don't believe adjusting the time to send for a later date would resolve the issue. 
However, you could try setting it for 7 days to see if that pushes it. I would suggest sending yourself the preview email or use the one you already have and modify it if need be, and then send it to your participants assuming registration was enabled so you have their list of emails. 

I do strongly suggest reaching out to our Zoom Support team to see what happened and if they have any further suggestions for resolving this issue. 

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