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Webinar Attendee permissions




I have a questions regarding the settings for attendees in a Webinar. Is it possible to give different perimissons to attendees (some can only watch, others can use chat and Q&A)? 

If not, is it possible to set the permissions of all attendees so, that the questions they write in the Q&A or chat can only be seen by the host/co-host first? The host/co-host can then manage theese questions further, so that other panelists or attendees can see them too. Is that an option?


Thank you for your help!







I think is not possible to have different kind of permission for the attendees.


- you can set, for the attendees, a chat channel  only towards panelist (including host and co-hosts). So attendees can't see the questions asked in chat by the pubblic

- you can allow attendees to view only answered questions in the Q&A session. So only host, co-hosts and panelists view the questions, until the moderator flags them as answered. You need to set the options answered questions only in the Allow attendees to view menù.

I hope this can be usefull for you.




When we are running a webinar, we don't necessarily want all of the answered questions to be available to the audience.  When this is the case, we might answer the question live and then "dismiss" it, rather than mark it as answered.  This way, it is moved out of the our queue of unanswered questions, but it still not visible to the audience.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Bovhi 


You could invite a certain set of users to join your Webinar as attendees - where they can access the Q@A - and invite others to watch a stream online, where they would not see the main Zoom Q&A.


If you used YouTube, you could have a moderator monitoring YouTube for questions and importing into Zoom when necessary.


Hope this helps