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Video recording of a session says "this recording does not exist"




I've run into this issue for the first time today.


After a session finished I went to download the recording from the cloud and i get an error, "this recording does not exist"

The Audio recording is fine but the video gives me that error.


I've checked and there's nothing in the trash.


How can i go about getting that video recording?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @HoxoMedia.


That's pretty unusual, yep.  Is the file listed in the file list under the recording?  You can click to "download everything" or you can click to "download individual files".  Do you (still) get that error when clicking either method?


I'd highly recommend sending in a Support Ticket ASAP. There's a possibility that the file was produced but not properly re-located to the proper output location.  Include the Meeting ID, date and time of the meeting, and the name of the file... and also a screen shot of the error message you get.  If there's something they can fix, the more information they have, the more likely they can locate the file for you.  No promises... but worth a try.


Log in to the Zoom Web Portal, then submit Support Ticket here: 

Ray - Office Hours at
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