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Upload Programme and Speakers in Events


Dear community,

we are using a registration plattform, where speakers can upload there abstracts, title and co-authors. There they are buying their tickets also. After uploading the abstracts we create the programme in a conference planner. Every change the authors add to their account later, will be updated in the programme automatically. Can I import this final programme to my zoom event or do I have to add all the talks manually?

Thank you.

best regards



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hey @Daniela_DECHEMA , 


You can populate a Conference in Zoom Events by uploading a CSV with the agenda details. ( The agenda you create will display to registrants in the Zoom Events page, and you can even add a Co-editor to help create/edit the event. (Note, you will likely need to upload visual assets manually once you've created an agenda.)


Another functionality you might enjoy is  allowing speakers to edit their own bios!


Let me know if this is helpful or helps answer your question!

Hi AustinP,

thank you for your answer. After uploading the CSV File and adding pics, PDFs or anything else to the speaker, will there be a chance to update  the agenda and upload it again? Titles, timeslots often change for several time and I am wondering if I will have to add pics, PDFs or the edited speakers bio again.

Thank you.