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Translators in Webinar hear each others' outgoing audio


We have a recurring webinar set up for assisting with on-site translation for an upcoming event. I have the translators set up with their specific invite links that preset their names to be [LANGUAGE] Translator when they join. The translators are also listed as panelists, which was the zoom default when adding them as translators (this may be the issue).

The problem is that the translators can hear one another's outgoing audio even when they have selected their respective languages. So the English>Spanish translator can hear what the Swahili translator is saying, even when the English>Swahili translator has selected to speak to the Swahili channel and the English>Spanish translator is listening to main audio.

Listeners' audio works as expected, and they hear only the language they select (and the low-volume main audio if they did not choose to mute it). Only the translators have an issue with hearing one another.

I was wondering if the best solution may be to demote the translators to not-panelists once they have been set up? Will this remove their translator options? Has anyone else experienced this particular issue? I don't want my translators hearing multiple languages in their ear!

Thanks for the help.



If anyone in the future has this issue and is wondering what is wrong - in my case it was that I had translators joining from their phones, and as of July 2023 translators must be on the desktop app. Since they couldn't be full translators, the webinar defaulted to making them panelists - which is why their audio was all coming through the main audio.

The whole issue could have been prevented by our translators noticing they didn't have any translator settings available to them, or if I'd noticed their video was vertical and they were on phones.